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Nepali Cooking Class

We at Nepali cooking class are passionate about cooking as it brings people, families, and communities together and transcends cultures and ages. Nepal has a diverse cuisine influenced by various cultures such as Newari, Mithila, Sherpa, Tharu and Nepali, making it an exciting and memorable experience to try Nepali food.

Anshu, our passionate cook, shares our enthusiasm for Nepali food and aims to share this cultural heritage with others through the Nepali cooking class. We are excited to meet new people who can learn from us and teach us about their cultural dishes and way of life.

At Nepali cooking class, Our goal is to create a community of food lovers who can cook, learn, and smile together. By taking our Nepali cooking course, you will discover a new way of cooking and hopefully build lasting friendships with like-minded people.
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Our Story

At Nepali Cooking school we offer various styles of teaching Nepali food preparation. One unique aspect of our Neapli cooking class is that we focus on teaching through home recipes, providing an authentic and personalized learning experience.

About Anshu (The founder)

Ever smiling Mrs. Anshu is the driving force behind the Nepali Cooking Class, and when asked about her passion for cooking, she fondly reminisces about her childhood memories. An open kitchen filled with the aroma of bay leaf, the sound of cumin seeds crackling, and the journey of flour transforming into chapati are all vivid memories for her. To Anshu, cooking is a combination of life, passion, and love. Although she never planned to become a chef, her love for learning and trying different curries led her to become her own chef over the last 20+ years. Anshu believes that cooking is a therapeutic process that can relieve stress, and one doesn't necessarily need a formal degree to become a chef; being a passionate food lover is more important.

While cooking has always been an art form, many people are still unaware of its benefits. We often appreciate tasty food without knowing the ingredients used in our favorite dishes, and foreign cuisine can seem like a mystery to many of us. However, by traveling and learning different dishes, we can mix our local cuisine with foreign cuisine and create a unique fusion. Welcome to Nepali cooking class....

Anshu - Nepali Cooking Teacher