Nepali Cooking Course - An outline 

In our Nepali cooking class entire process will be walked you through by our friendly loving Aama cook Anshu. You prepare dishes hot and fresh then eat it at the end of the class. Additionally, since you are in control of how much of each ingredient you use, you can add more if you want it spicy. You don't enjoy spicy meals. No issue, just add very little or nothing!

There is a lot of variety with 3 different menus we teach, each Nepali cooking Menu featuring 4 unique traditional Nepali meals. We always include Momos on every menu since we are aware of how popular they are with guests.

Our Nepali cooking class Menu includes following meals, let us know which one you choose.

1) Momo, Paratha and Dal Bhat, Mix Veg curry

2) Momo, Chapati, Dal fry, Aachar and Chicken ( mutton) curry

3) Momo, Paratha, Selroti and Chapati

4) Just Momo cooking class

5) You can also combine home stay and cooking class together. This stay and cooking class cost you USD 47 per person. 

At Nepali cooking class at Himanshu home stay we offer:

  • Two classes each day, seven days a week - Morning 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and Evening 5 to 8.30 PM.

  • We are 4 KM away from Thamel, near Raniban Forest you can come your own taking taxi or there is pickup service for just USD 9 per car
    ( for 2 or 3 person can share the car).

  • The cooking class is Only $27 per person as group join basis ( min. 2 to max 6 person) for 4 courses Nepali cooking class

  • If you want private class just for you USD 57 for 4 hours course.
  • You can also combine home stay and cooking class together. Comfortbale home stay and cooking class cost you USD 47 per person. 

There are plenty of food to eat at end of your Nepali cooking class so come hungry! enjoy meal you prepared ...

The best way to experience Nepal authentic way is staying with families at Nepali home stay. 
Our Himanshu Homestay has newly built home in the traditional Newari style features the region's distinctive terracotta tiles and antique carved wooden doors and windows. It has four guest rooms with en suites. Please read reviews from this link how much they enjoyed staying with us at our home stay and learning Nepali cooking course with Anshu. 

Cooking Class

The way we cook

Nepali cuisine is rich, diverse, and heavily influenced by its geography and cultural heritage. It features a wide range of spices, herbs, and unique ingredients that are used to create flavorful and aromatic dishes. Some of the most popular Nepali dishes include momos (dumplings filled with vegetables or meat), dal bhat (a lentil soup served with rice and a variety of side dishes), and sel roti (a sweet and crispy bread made from rice flour and sugar).

Nepali food is typically characterized by its use of spices such as cumin, coriander, and turmeric, as well as its emphasis on fresh ingredients and simple yet flavorful cooking techniques. Overall, Nepali food is a delicious and distinctive cuisine that is well worth exploring for anyone interested in trying new flavors and experiencing different culinary traditions.

Nepalese cuisine uses different types of dry masala. All types of dry masala powder have a key ingredient that gives a unique flavor to the cuisine when used in it. Nepal is rich in cuisines, and their flavors are heavenly. Every flavorful Nepalese cuisine has one secrete masala that makes it tempting and savory.